My Github Repositories

  • cakephp-file-storage

    Abstract file storage and upload plugin for CakePHP. Write to local disk, FTP, S3, Dropbox and more through a single interface. It's not just yet another uploader but a complete storage solution. (195 watchers)

  • cakephp-imagine-plugin

    CakePHP wrapper for the powerful Imagine image processing library. Makes images manipulation easy and powerful. (134 watchers)

  • cakephp-cart-plugin

    A Cart plugin for CakePHP 2.x (56 watchers)

  • cakephp-html-purifier

    This is a CakePHP wrapper for the HTML Purifier lib. The plugin includes a trait, a view helper, a behavior and a shell to clean your markup wherever you like, in the view or in the model layer or clean any table and field using the shell. (40 watchers)

  • cakephp-bz-utils

    CakePHP 2.x Utilities (14 watchers)

  • cakephp-middleware-auth

    Replacement of the old authentication stack of the CakePHP framework (9 watchers)

  • cakephp-database-log

    CakePHP Database Log Engine. An implementation of the DB Log Engine from the official documentation. (2 watchers)

  • cakephp-lock

    Lock ACL Plugin for CakePHP (2 watchers)

  • cakephp-config-objects

    Configuratio objects instead of arrays. Check the to learn about the benefits. (2 watchers)

  • CakePHP-GeoIP-Plugin

    A CakePHP Plugin for finding a location based on an IP Address using the MaxMind GeoIP database and the PEAR Net_GeoIP package (1 watcher)

  • authentication

    (0 watchers)

  • cakephp-geocoder-plugin

    (0 watchers)

  • cakephp-fixturize

    CakePHP custom Fixture classes for those having problems maintaining PHP based fixtures. (0 watchers)

  • authorization

    PSR7 Middleware for authorization (0 watchers)

  • CakePdf

    CakePHP plugin for creating and/or rendering PDFs, supporting several popular PDF engines. (0 watchers)

  • cakephp-likes

    Facebook style likes for CakePHP. Like any model record you want. (0 watchers)

  • address-format

    A PHP library to parse street addresses to localized formats (0 watchers)

  • awesome-cakephp

    A curated list of amazingly awesome CakePHP plugins, resources and shiny things. (0 watchers)

  • cakephp-menu-plugin

    (0 watchers)

  • cakephp-authorization

    Proof of concept for an abstract authorization layer (0 watchers)

  • cakephp-app

    CakePHP 3.0 application template (0 watchers)

  • cakephp

    CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP - Official Repository (0 watchers)

  • angular-socialshare

    social share buttons for angularjs (0 watchers)

  • bake

    The Bake Command Plugin (0 watchers)

  • cakephp-jwt-auth

    A CakePHP plugin for authenticating using JSON Web Tokens (0 watchers)

  • CakePHP-Elastic-Search-DataSource

    CakePHP ElasticSearch datasource that actually behaves like a real datasource (0 watchers)

  • awesome-php

    A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things. (0 watchers)

  • cakepackages

    Self-contained application that automatically tracks cakephp developer's open source code repositories, including applications and plugins (0 watchers)

  • cakephp-codesniffer

    CakePHP Code Sniffer (0 watchers)

  • activitystreams-php

    A activitystreams server and client in php. (0 watchers)